What Do I Do Now?

Your girlfriend thinks she is pregnant or has confirmed she is, what do you do? Where can you find answers?

  • Confirm that she is really pregnant and how far along she is. Go with her to a local Foundations of Life Pregnancy Center for a free pregnancy test and a free ultrasound.
  • Be supportive, listen to the information being provided, and ask questions. You can support each other and ensure you know as much as you can about her pregnancy.
  • You have a right to know all your options and the impact of each option on her, you and your baby.
  • Be honest, share your thoughts and discuss them openly without putting pressure on each other or feeling you have to make an immediate decision.  Both of you share in the decision and need to weigh each option and not feel pressured into an undesirable life impacting decision.
  • We are ready to help, call for an appointment today. All appointments are free, confidential, and non-judgmental.

At all of our pregnancy help center locations, we offer free and confidential services, consultations and resources.

How To Contact Us:

  • Use the ‘Get Help Now’ Contact Form
  • Choose the pregnancy center and city closest to you from the ‘Get Help Now’ menu
  • General information – email: Foundations of Life or call: 813-631-4398

We Aborted our Baby – What Can I Do? How Can I find help?

A Son’s Journey” Raphael’s Way Day Retreat for Men Only
Why a Men’s Retreat? It is known that men are less comfortable expressing vulnerable feelings of grief and loss, instead they say nothing or become hostile. With this in mind, the Retreat offers a safe place for men to process their feelings and begin to understand the consequences of abortion as it pertains to their relationships with women is reasonable. The Retreat Team consists of a specially trained priest, deacon, and post abortive men who have attended the Rachel’s Vineyard Weekend Retreat, participated in training, and have the heart and desire to share the mercy of God with other men and help them on their journey toward reconciliation. Contact mgnasonsjourney@gmail.com for more details and registration.

Post Abortion Help for her or for both you and her.

Charles Brian’s Testimonial