At the Foundations of Life Pregnancy Center we strive to help women facing unplanned pregnancy to choose life for their babies and develop a balanced life for them and their child. Our program is a resource for women who are considering abortion and abortion alternatives. We serve all women regardless of age, race or religion and offer them the respect and love that they deserve.

To learn more about how we can help you and your baby, please read through what others have said about our various programs we offer at our Foundations of Life Pregnancy Centers:

Hi! My name is Yvana Moss. I would like to thank all of you at FOL who put ideas and thinking together to come up with this program. It is really helpful. Members treat you with respect and kindness, especially my mentor. That was excellent! Maybe we don’t how good this program is, but I’m letting you know to keep on going and doing, helping those who really need help. Like Jesus said, “I come to help, especially those who are sick”, but Catholic Charities is here to help like Jesus said. You have helped me since I found out I was pregnant to now. I know God is happy and blesses all of you. To my mentor, thank you for all of your help and your ideas. Anytime I had an appointment I know I will bring something home. Thank you very much.

Yvana Moss

Before I came to FOL, I was at the end of my rope. My marriage had failed, I was alone, and I had no faith in myself. No faith in anything. I had thought about putting my son up for adoption…but through this program and through my mentor I understood that Zack my son was a gift from God and that he never gives us more than we can handle.

I enjoyed and looked forward to visiting with my mentor, she and I bonded very well. I could tell her anything. I am so happy and so whole. Now I have a closer relationship with God.. And through that I have had so many more blessings. I now have food stamps and health insurance and a better outlook on life and myself. I have met my Real Father for the first time in my life. I realize that I do not need the love of my ex-husband to be whole. I used to hide behind my piercings because I thought I was not pretty, but I realize that I am beautiful in God’s eyes. This program has pushed me to be all that I could be, I am getting my GED, I have lost 20 pounds by eating healthier and not being depressed. If someone is considering donating to this program, I would tell them how wonderful that would be how many lives they could touch and how it changed my life. And how if just one person reached out, they could save someone’s life…like mine.

It helped me not only with what I’ve personally achieved, but with my baby’s needs. Every time I went to my appointment I would get diapers, clothes, bottles and things for him.

Thank you to everyone who makes this possible!!

At all of our pregnancy help center locations, we offer free and confidential services, consultations and resources.

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